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Welcome, and thank you for visiting our  Internet site. As part of our cutting-edge service, we want to give you the opportunity to stay in touch with us.Our mission is to provide premium veterinary services to each of our valued patients through the highest quality of medicine and surgery in a clean, modern, state-of-the-art veterinary hospital. Our first commitment is to prevention, and then to the highest standard in treatment. Our location always offers ample parking, easy access and friendly staff who will treat your pet as their own.  We strive to offer you the highest standard of care.

Bayview Woods Animal Hospital in Richmond Hill, Ontario, is a  veterinary facility with a fully computerized paperless system. We serve pet owners of our community by caring for their small family members in order to keep them in good health through regular vaccinations, healthy diet and other prevention methods.  We are here for you when you need us.

Spaying and neutering are now standard procedures which prevent not only unwanted pregnancies, but also genital diseases and often aggressive behavior in pets.We recommend spaying and neutering before the animal's first heat cycle, around the age of six months. Veterinary research clearly indicates that age is one of the most important factors in preventing genital diseases.

Soft tissue surgery:we also offer most soft tissue surgeries for our patients.

The most common soft tissue surgeries available in our facility to save you pet life.We offer Cystotomy (bladder surgery),urethrostomy and urethrotomy ( urethra surgery), Anal gland surgery,Gastrotomy and Gastropexy (stomach surgery),Entrotomy (intestinal surgery),Protrusion of the third eyelid gland (Cherry eye)

Regular yearly vaccination in our animal clinic will protect your pet from viral diseases which can severely damage internal organs. In young animals, when the maternal immunity diminishes at the age of eight weeks, your pet can be very vulnerable to many destructive viruses. We recommend the first vaccination is at 8 weeks, the second booster shot at 12 weeks, and the last one at 16 weeks. This last shot boosts immunity in the young body to further protect your pet from dangerous viruses. Throughout the life of your pet, it is strongly recommended to vaccinate your pet every year to keep all vaccines up to date, especially for rabies protection.We provide all routine vaccines at Bayview Woods Animal Hospital, and our helpful system reminder informs our clients when the annual vaccination is due.

Deworming your pets followed by a yearly check-up and fecal test will help keep them in good health. Since some parasites are common to both humans and animals, it is extremely important to prevent your pet and yourself from contamination and diseases. In our vet clinic, we strongly recommend deworming your young pet with the first shot since some parasites can transfer to the fetus during pregnancy or via milk during nursing.

Our  veterinary hospital proudly practises the highest standard of technology in Surgery, Radiology and Treatment, with access to the major Veterinary Laboratory for all blood work and histopathology, microbiology and DNA testing.  For special circumstances, we have access to  the best referral Animal Hospitals.

The following services are available at our vet clinic : spaying, neutering, cat declawing, dog and cat annual  health check up and vaccinations, heartworm test and prevention, flee medication and prevention, blood work, radiology, dentistry, nail trim, microchip permanent identification, fecal testing and deworming, internal medicine and allergy testing.

Heartworm Information: Does your dog love the outdoors? If so, she's in good company. Unfortunately, being outside also comes with health risks like heartworm disease. A recent study by the Ontario veterinary College showed that the number of cases of heartworm disease in Canada is up to over 60% over the last 8 years. Country dogs, suburban dogs and even city dogs are at risk.

Why is that? This is because Heartworm is spread by mosquitoes. One bite from an infected mosquito is enough to transmit the disease to your dog. Coyotes, foxes, raccoons and other wild animals can become infected. Once infected, these animals can become heartworm reservoirs for mosquitoes to feed on, leading to constant risk of infection for your dog.

Since Heartworms are not readily visible the way that ticks and fleas are, you may not even know that your dog is infected. Symptoms don't appear for up to t six months when the parasite arrives in the dog's heart and lungs. Your dog may look fine but may sill be infected. Left untreated, heartworms can cause severe damage to the heart, lungs and may eventually cause death.

What can you do? Be sure to ask us to perfrom a simple blood test yearly to check to see if your dog carries heartworms or not. Also, think prevention. Highly effective preventative treatments are available  for your beloved pet by us. They are generally given monthly once mosquito season has started which is generally June-November. As an additional feature, some heartworm preventatives will also protect your pet and protect your home from other parasites such as fleas, ticks and roundworms.

Bayview Woods Animal Hospital is centrally located in the Leslie Center plaza west of Leslie St. at 1480 Major Mackenzie Drive East, Unit # C10, Richmond Hill,ON, L4S0A1. We are easily accessed by Hwy 404 to the east and Hwy 407/ 7 to the south. We welcome clients from Richmond Hill, Markham, Thornhill, Aurora, Newmarket, Vaughan and all parts of the GTA. The large parking lot of the plaza offers easy access to our Pet Hospital in any weather.

                            We welcome new clients to our animal care facility!

Hours of operation:

                                     Mon. - Fri.   9am - 7pm

                                    Sat              10am - 3 pm

                                     Sunday        Closed

            After hours and emergency, please contact  the emergency clinics in

             Richmond Hill:  905 884 1832     or      VEC Toronto: 416 226 3663

Methods of payment:

                                            Bayview Woods Animal Hospital
                                            1480 Major Mackenzie Drive East # C10
                                               Richmond Hill,  Ontario, L4S0A1
                                                          905 - 237- 5844
 (In the Leslie Centre plaza just west of the intersection of Major Mackenzie Dr East and Leslie Street)